08th Aug2016

Questions & Answers

by Colin

Q: Are lessons done in a group or is it 1 on 1?

A: All ‘Individual’ lessons are just that: 1 instructor and 1 student. This is the fastest way to learn, as you’ll spend the most time attached to the kite.

The “Learn with a friend” option is 1 instructor to 2 students – you and the friend you booked with. With this option you’ll take turns on the kite, learning by watching each other and competing to see who gets it first!

Q: What will I need to bring for my lesson?

A: We provide everything you will need for your lesson, just show up ready to learn and we’ll take care of the rest! Please bring some light swimwear to keep on under your wetsuit, a towel to dry off afterwards and some warm clothes to put back on. If you have any of your own gear: wetsuit, booties, PFD or any kiteboarding gear, definitely bring it with you and we will use whatever works best.

Q: What does VKS provide me with?

A: You will be provided with an instructor, personal water craft, insurance, wetsuit, booties, gloves, life vest, helmet, waist harness, kites, kiteboards, bar & lines and pump. Complimentary water or pop will also be available. VKS uses brand new 2016 top of the line gear!

Q: What happens if I have a lesson booked and there is no wind that day or if the wind stops during my lesson?

A: We ask all students to check-in the morning of their lesson. If the forecast doesn’t look promising, the lesson may be rescheduled. If the wind stops during your lesson and there isn’t further safety or self-rescue training to cover, we’ll call time off and continue from where the lesson ended at a later date.

Q: What time do lessons start?

A: Lessons generally start at 10am and 2pm. Our beginner lessons are usually earlier in the day, with more advanced lessons later on. That said, you can request your own start time and we’ll do our best to make it work. All students are asked to arrive 10-15 minutes early for their lesson.

Q: Is there any part of the lesson done in the classroom or is there a set curriculum to follow?

A: Absolutely not! The whole lesson is conducted on the Spit and in the water. We tailor your lesson to your needs and abilities. Everyone is unique and VKS understands that each student will learn at their own pace and in their own way. Our instructors are experts at adapting their teaching methods to promote student success!

Q: How far is it from Vancouver to Squamish?

A: The drive takes about 1 hr from the Lions Gate Bridge. We recommend giving yourself 1.5 hrs from central Vancouver to allow for delays. Directions to the Spit can be found here.

Q: Where and when does VKS operate?

A: We run lessons any day that there’s wind! We are open 7 days a week from 10am until the wind stops. All lessons are held at the Squamish Spit from mid-May until mid-September. Directions to the Spit can be found here.

Q: Are there any other fees?

A: The Squamish Windsports Society (SWS) require all users of the Spit to pay a $20 day fee or purchase an annual membership. This is not included in your lesson purchase, and is to be paid locally to the SWS on the day. They accept cash and credit cards (not bank cards).
More information about membership, as well as many other kiteboarding resources, can be found on their website: http://www.squamishwindsports.com/

Q: This all sounds amazing! How do I book?!

A: The fastest way to book a lesson is through our Online Store.

Once you’ve purchased your lesson, send us an email at vkslessons@gmail.com with your confirmation code and book your date – it’s as easy as that!

10th Jun2009

Kitesurfing Lessons: Why you should take them

by Colin

1) Safety Kitesurfing can be a dangerous sport.  Taking lessons will familiarize you with the safety aspects of the sport and how your equipment works. Knowing this means a safer experience for yourself and those around you.

2) Jumpstart your learning experience
Why take months to learn Kiteboarding when you can be up and riding in as quick as a few hours?  The quickest way to get on the water is to invest in Kiteboarding lessons. Kiteboarding instructors use proven teaching methods that will get you on the water in no time.

3) Save Money
A Kiteboarding rig can cost anywhere from $2000 and upwards. That’s a lot of money to spend if you’re not sure this sport is for you.  Kiteboarding lessons could cost in the region of $300, which is cheap in comparison to spending $2000.

4) Trash someone else’s gear
The first few hours on a kite will give your kite a decent beating as you will be dropping it constantly. If you take lessons you get to use the school’s equipment, which means you don’t have to worry about the wear on your gear.

5) Meet other Kiteboarders
There’s nothing more intimidating than starting a new sport without knowing anyone. Kiteboarding schools are a great place to meet other beginners just like you.  Meet other Kiter’s and experienced riders then practice with them once you’re done with your lessons.

6) Cheaper gear
Most Kitesurfing schools have great info and tips on where to get your gear. So you don’t have to buy twice.

7) Knowledge
Did you think you can start Kiteboarding by reading your kite manual or browsing the net? No book or site can replace one on one instruction. Kiteboarding lessons will teach you valuable knowledge such as how to rig your lines, how to self launch your kite, how to relaunch your kite, how to kite safely, how to go upwind, etc.

8 ) Learn in safe conditions
If you start by yourself you will have no idea what kind of conditions are safe to learn in. How would you know if the wind is too strong?  Your Kiteboarding instructor will take you to a beginner-safe beach that will make your learning experience safe and pleasant.

9) Try out different gear
Most Kiteboarding shops have a huge range of Kiteboarding gear that is ready to try. Taking a Kiteboarding lesson will give you the opportunity to try a wide range of gear before you buy.

10) Peace of mind
Taking Kiteboarding lessons means a Kiteboarding instructor will be right by you for assistance.  If you have an equipment malfunction or have lost your board they will be there to help.