• Getting Air Racing in Squamish with VKS
  • VKS Kiteboarding at Canadian Nationals Squamish
  • Luca Keller at Kite Clash - photo by Jim Hegan
26th Jun2013

Wind and weather for kiteboarding

by Colin

Long term forecast looking good! Calling for high pressure starting late Fri Morning.


08th May2013

Squamish wind forecast for kiteboarding May 8th

by Colin

Looks like another great day with a forecast of 23 degrees for Squamish and a gradient of 11 degrees for Vancouver/Lillooet.

Very light outflows for Howe Sound this morning with a light Southerly flow for the Georgia Straight will help the switch to early inflows.

Moderate to strong winds for the Squamsih Spit.

Expect 20 -25 knots

11:37 AM PDT   3.97 feet  Low Tide Squamish

07th May2013

Squamish wind forecast for kiteboarding May 7th

by Colin

Blue skies and hot temps. A strong 11 degree gradient is forecast for today combined with a high of 26 degrees for Squamish.  Light outflows will end before noon and switch to strong inflows. Late inflows into the eve.

For the Spit expect 20-25 knots

11:03 AM PDT   4.68 feet  Low Tide Squamish

06th May2013

Squamish wind forecast for kiteboarding May 6th

by Colin

Another beauty of a day! Forecast is for an 8 degree gradient with a whopping high of 29 degrees

for Squamish.

Forecast for neutral Squamish/Pemberton temps combined with high humidity

in Pemberton can have adverse effects on the switch to inflows but with an extremely

strong Vancouver/ Lillooet gradient the inflow will happen.

For the Spit expect lighter than normal with a later inflow.

10-17 knots.

10:25 AM PDT   5.59 feet  Low Tide Squamish

Westerly forecast for the Vancouver area by mid afternoon.



03rd May2013

Squamish wind for kiteboarding May 3rd

by Colin

weather cam for kiteboardingLooks like a gorgeous day with highs of 23 degrees in Squamish and a gradient of 7 degrees through Vancouver – Squamish – Whistler – Pemberton – Lillooet.
Light clouds this morning expected to burn off as humidity falls.
Expect warm and steady winds for the Squamish Spit!
20 knots
6:59 PM PDT 6.41 feet Low Tide