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  • VKS Kiteboarding at Canadian Nationals Squamish
  • Luca Keller at Kite Clash - photo by Jim Hegan
08th Jul2013

Squamish wind weather

by Colin

Very clear skies for the Squamish valley right up to Lillooet.

Forecast is for a gradient of 8 degrees.With a high of 25 for Squamish.

Calling for strong thermal winds for the Spit.

Light outflows and minor systems will make for very good kiteboarding winds in Howe sound.

For the Spit expect 20+ knots with steady winds and low tides!

12:32 PM PDT   2.91 feet  Low Tide


07th Jul2013

Squamish Vancouver wind weather

by Colin

Looks like two air masses for Howe Sound and the lower valley. This is
unstable air and with humidity on the rise we could see some cumulus clouds this afternoon. Therefore strong winds with a bit of variance.
The satellite images look good with no major threats pushing in.

Forecast is for a good gradient with temps of 24 degrees for Squamish.

Should be good for the early part of the day at the Spit with stable winds after 5:00.

For the Spit expect 15-25 knots with a big sandbar.

Low tide 11:57 AM PDT   2.90 feet  Low Tide

Calling for West winds for the GVRD with low tides around Noon!


06th Jul2013

Squamish wind and weather

by Colin

Warm morning for the city. Light outflows for Howe Sound as of 7:00.

Very clear skies with a bit of humidity in Pemberton. This will slow the heating process slightly delaying inflows for the Squamish spit this morning. Should see good thermal winds kick in around Noon. Small westerly in the Georgia will have no effect on the powerful afternoon inflow. For the Spit expect 20+ knots

Low tide 11:22 AM PDT   3.05 feet  Low Tide

04th Jul2013

Squamish Vancouver wind and weather

by Colin

Looks like another great day for wind! Forecast is for a good gradient with warm temps for the Squamish Spit.

Satellite shows clouds moving away from the West coast.

Light outflows with warm valley temps are good signs for an early inflow.

Enjoy 20 knots and a high temp of 24 degrees for the Squamish Spit.

For the GVRD a forecast for 15-20 knots. Although not much showing this morning,

Some light North West winds in the Georgia Straight. This may affect the Howe Sound winds.

For the Vancouver area expect 10-15 NW.

Squamish tides

02nd Jul2013

Weather for kiteboarding Squamish

by Colin

Another hot day for the Spit. Warm temperatures are stabilizing, so we should see

predictable thermal winds starting early today.

Great day for Howe Sound