• Getting Air Racing in Squamish with VKS
  • VKS Kiteboarding at Canadian Nationals Squamish
  • Luca Keller at Kite Clash - photo by Jim Hegan
11th May2015

Wind report for kiteboarding Squamish Vancouver

by Colin

Very Strong outflows for Howe Sound this morning.

Environment Canada not calling for inflows today.

Inland temps reaching highs of 35 degrees.

This should overpower the outflows at some point today but expect lighter winds

due to the low pressure.

For the Spit expect 10-15 knots with a very late start.

4:35 PM PDT  10.03 feet  Low Tide

09th Sep2013

Wind report Squamish

by Colin

Early inflows, started at 7:00 am. Still some clouds from overnight

This is a good sign for strong steady inflows.

For the spit expect 20+ knots.

2:52 PM PDT   8.11 feet  Low Tide

08th Sep2013

Wind report for kiteboarding Squamish Vancouver

by Colin

Looks like another high sets in for a few days.

Highs of 27 and 28 degrees for Squamish Tue/Wed!

Long term forecast looks awesome through to next weekend.

Should see late thermals today as the valley heats.

27th Aug2013

Weather report for kiteboarding in Squamish

by Colin

Looks like a few days of rain. Taking a break until Fri the 30th.

Sept weekend looks great for the long term forecast!


20th Aug2013

Wind forecast for kiteboarding Squamish Spit

by Colin

Clearing cumulus clouds this morning.

Forecast is for a 5 degree gradient and a high of 23 degrees for Squamish.

Light inflows this morning are a good sign for wind today for the Squamish Spit.

For the Spit expect 15-20 knots.

11:33 AM PDT   2.64 feet  Low Tide