Courses at VKS

Please call 778 682 7577 or email for all enquiries.

VKS offers all-inclusive Private lessons. These can be booked for your preferred dates and start times!
All gear is provided
Boat-assisted instruction
Multilingual lessons available

The courses below are available for purchase through our Online Store.

3hr Get Hooked on Kiteboarding – The water lesson…

This is a 3 hour lesson that will start with the procedures for rigging an inflatable kite, covering all safety systems, launching and landing, water re-launch, body dragging, self rescue, and water starts. You will be taught all of the methods that you will use to continue practising safely and assist you in progressing at a faster pace. By the end of this lesson you will be attempting to ride the board and well on your way to becoming a safe and independent Kiter.

Individual – $300 for 3 hours
Learn with a friend – $250 for 3 hours/person

4hr Beginner Lesson – Become a rider…

This is a 4 hour lesson for the person who knows almost nothing about rigging or flying an inflatable kite. This lesson will consist of rigging, safety systems, launching and landing, self rescue, water re-launch, body dragging and water starts. This is a slower paced lesson with lots of instruction. By the end of the lesson you will be confident in rigging, flying, and de-powering the kite!

Individual – $360 for 4 hours
Learn with a friend – $280 for 4 hours/person

2hr Just Go For It – Can I ride?

This is a 2 hour lesson for those who just want to see if they can ride, or students who may already know how to rig, fly and the safety systems for the kite. Bring your own gear or use ours, by the end of this lesson you will know how to ride the board!

Individual – $200 for 2 hours
Learn with a friend – $170 for 2 hours/person

2-Day Package – From Beginner to Pro…

Our most popular package – this 8 hour course is for those who want to learn how to kiteboard as quickly as possible. This is the complete package, covering all aspects of kiting ‘from beginner to pro’. By the end you will be a very confident kiter!

Individual – $600 for 8 hours
Learn with a friend – $480 for 8 hours/person

The Advanced Kiter – continuing lessons…

This is for the rider who may want to work on a specific skill set, whether it is riding upwind or body dragging up wind to retrieve their board. Maybe you want to learn how to jump or spin? We offer one on one coaching right up to kiteloops and unhooked tricks!
*Students must have their own gear for 1 hour lessons*

Individual – $100 for 1 hour

Private Group Lessons – Corporate Team Builders, Stags and Special Events

For group rates, please call 778 682 7577 or contact

* All succession will depend on each individual student’s abilities.

To book online, please visit our Online Store.

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